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One-stop-solution for Soilless (Hydroponics and Aquaponics) Solutions. 

Welcome To Our Company!

In alternative farming industry, we, Techxellance Solutions Private Limited, enjoy the most respectable position as a manufacturer and service provider. We are considered to be one of the pioneers of this field, providing end-to-end alternative farming solutions to farmers. In the year 2012, our company was established by a group of young and knowledgeable professionals and it it is due to their zeal and efforts that we have made ourselves well known in the industry. We provide an array of innovative farming products for Soilless Farming like Hydroponics Systems, Commercial Hydroponics Systems, Aquaponics Systems, Dutch Bucket System and many more. With this, we also render solutions for Greenhouse Management, Aquaponics & Hydroponics Crop Management Consultancy and many other with the aim to help clients in having healthy and nutritive crops. 

What Is Soilless Farming?

Completely different from the traditional farming method soilless farming is the process in which the plants or crops are grown without soil just with the help of nutrients solutions present in water. The varied types of nutrients that are needed for plant growth in soilless farming is received from different sources like fish waste, duck manure etc. Soilless agriculture or farming is done in any controlled environmental conditions and thus, it is the future of the farming-agro sector. Moreover, if one opts for soilless farming then no more they need to invest money of fertilizers and pesticides to protect their crop. Farmers can now massively save their money by adopting soilless farming methods. Some major advantages of soilless farming are:
  • Environmental Safe: The crops are not affected by any kind of weather change as the crops can be grown indoor.
  • Water Control: Unlike traditional farming the water is not absorbed by the land instead it directly benefits the plant. Moreover, the use of water can easily be controlled.
  • Pesticides Free: In soilless farming the use of pesticides is absolute zero and thus, the toxic pesticides will no longer affect crops purity.
  • Health and Nutritional Value: Due zero use of chemicals in soilless farming the crops, especially the food crops are healthier and more nutritive.

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